Games We Play

Games We Play is a recurring feature describing … games me and The Empress of Whisky play.

We’re big into games. How big? Game-playing-was-mentioned-in-our-wedding-vows big.

Games We Play started as my attempt to record, for the year 2020, every game we played. Along with this record-keeping was the intent to play as many games as possible from our vast collection. We aimed to not repeat games, but that didn’t last long at all. Still, we are covering quite a few as we go, ably assisted by our time in COVID-19 isolation.

Along the way, I thought it might be handy to create an index of all the games mentioned in this project.

Therefore, this.


First, however, this seems like as good a place as any to define the terms I use in Games We Play:

  • Quick: The games is, like 10 minutes, max.
  • Relatively quick: The games is done in under half an hour.
  • Short: 30-60 minutes
  • Medium: At least an hour, up to 90 minutes.
  • Long: Two hours and up.
  • Excessively long: Pack a lunch. Plan a nap.

Index of Games

Each title links to the post in which that game was discussed.

How long will Games We Play continue as a project? Well, the game-playing part will almost certainly persist, because we are who we are. My chronicling of it is behind as I write this, but, as usual, I hope to catch up soon. Maybe even by the time you are reading this. 


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