Go Park Yourself

A visiting friend parked her car in an unnumbered space in my condo’s parking lot.

In theory, this is not a problem; numbered spaces are reserved, but the unnumbered are up for grabs.

In practice …

When the friend left, she found the following [slightly paraphrased] note:

I’m a homeowner! 

How dare you park in front of my unit!





         Angry Neighbor

The note wasn’t what caught her attention, though.

It was my neighbor’s car, parked behind my friend’s car, blocking her in.

He didn’t do that because he had to; there were several empty unnumbered spaces available a few feet away.

He did it to make a point, which was, apparently, that he would rather wake up to the angry yelling of his father (the actual homeowner, who answered the door when we rang at 1 a.m.), get up, get dressed, and move the car … than park a few feet away.

Point taken.