Little Deuce Coup

A shitty attempt to overthrow the government is still an attempt to overthrow the government.

And that’s what we had Wednesday. An armed, organized group assaulted and occupied the U.S. Capitol.

Frankly, we’re lucky they weren’t a little better organized. As it was, members of Congress were evacuated in time, the occupation was brief, and the loss of life was low.

But this is definitely a case where the quality of the thing matters less than the thing itself.

We dismiss it at our peril.

We dismiss those supporting it at our peril.

I don’t care whether you’re conservative, liberal, libertarian, moderate, progressive, radical, red, blue, green, gold, or mauve.

You don’t get to support this and call yourself an American patriot.

It’s frankly embarrassing to see people try to claim otherwise.

Patriots don’t support attempts to overthrow their own, lawfully elected government.

This is not a difficult concept. Basic fucking concept.

Hate the government? Sure.

Disapprove of it? Absolutely.

Speak out against it? Any time.

Overthrow it? Maybe. But not like this.

In a democracy, the people retain the means to overthrow the government.

We’re given that opportunity, regularly, via the ballot box.

Four years ago, my side lost.

Two years ago, we won a bit back.

This year, we won big.

Two years from now? It’s too early to say, except for this: everyone gets another chance.

Until then, sit your fucking ass down.

Oh, and prosecute anyone attempting, or instigating the attempt of, a coup.

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