Whisky Wind-down, 5: High-Altitude Impulse Purchase

Three glasses of whisky clink in airline cups. Inset: A mini-bottle of Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Today’s dram: Buffalo Trace, Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Today’s tasting notes: Excellent, as always. It’s a great balance of sweetness, warmth, and burn. Drinks smooth, finishes clean.

Also? It smells glorious — a mild, sweet aroma that puts me in mind of a ready-to-harvest field of grain.

Today’s thoughts: Yeah, I could have (and did) pack some travel whisky, but Buffalo Trace is a favorite. Seeing it listed on the in-flight menu was a pleasant surprise, so The Empress, a friend, and I went in on an party pack that included three bottles at (by airline standards) a reasonable price.

It might surprise you to learn I don’t regularly order whisky when I’m out and about. Selection can be iffy, and while I’m no miser it does pain me to pay by-the-dram prices that typically run anywhere from a fifth to a third of what you’d pay for an entire bottle of the same whisky.

I will occasionally spring for an unusual dram that’s new to me. And (obviously) I make some exceptions when I’m on holiday.

Also? I can’t not drink on Spirit Airlines.

Today’s toast: To the travelers. May your flights be on time, and may the babies on board be sleepy.

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