2016 Whisky Wind-down, 16: Festive Midpoint Hangover

Today’s dram: Tobermory, 10-Year-Old

Today’s tasting notes: The beautiful Isle of Mull lies west of mainland Scotland and is home to caves, an ancient stone circle, and one distillery.

Established in 1798 as Ledaig Distillery, the original operation ceased in the 1930s, amid the Great Depression and lowered demand following American Prohibition. It reopened as Tobermory in the 1970s and today makes two lines of whisky.

The lively, joyful single malt in my glass tonight is the 10-year-old version of the Tobermory line, which is unpeated. (The Ledaig line is a more traditional peated whisky; I haven’t had the pleasure.)

It tastes ever so slightly of salt, and there is a sharpness to it that bites at first but quickly fades, leaving only a pleasant, light tingling on the palate and throat. Its color is paler than most Scotch whisky I’ve encountered, but I think it’s the perfect tone for this bright, happy spirit.

I don’t usually comment on packaging, but I am taken with the simple green, date-embossed bottle and its lovely wooden-topped cork, which features an outline of the isle. There is even a faint outline of the distillery complex etched into the neck wrap. All together it’s a pretty presentation complementing a delightful whisky.

Today’s thoughts: I haven’t much for you today, a day I spent in pleasant remembering of a joyful movie night and eager anticipation of a holiday break.

Today’s personal note: Hangovers I get but rarely. Hate me.

Today’s toast: To seeking joy: May we all find it soon and in unexpected places.

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