Dungeons & Dragons Just Turned 40

My first thoughts — after getting past “damn, I feel old” — are fond memories.

I first saw D&D during rookie band camp my freshman year of high school, when a trio of my friends tried to put together a game over their lunch break in the music storage room.

I don’t remember much about that particular game itself — I was just an observer — but I remember my immediate fascination with the very concept,¬†marveling at the character sheets, the books, the dice.

Oh, the dice.

Later that year, with those friends and a couple of others, we formed a regular gaming group, though we wound up playing a different fantasy role-playing game; it was a couple of years before I played in a proper D&D game, which only lasted a summer.

Most of my role-playing game experience is with other games, actually, but through many years, games, and players, it all goes back to that day, those friends, and “the” game.

3 thoughts on “Dungeons & Dragons Just Turned 40”

  1. I'm glad to have been a part of your D&D experience. “Is this the first time we've been here since the last time we were here?” I'm also glad to see you writing here again. I want to keep my blog more up to date, but have so far failed. Discipline is hard…


  2. As it turned out, that was the first time we had been there since the last time we were there. Glad I asked.

    Those were good days, which I didn't get into here. Undoubtedly I'll return to the subject, provided my momentum holds. As you say, discipline is hard. I've been working on it lately, though. We'll see how far I get.


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