Hot Cows (An Anecdote Illustrating My Small Town Background)

I live in a city, but I am from a small town.
Recently I chatted with a friend about driving from the one to the other, and the discussion turned to traffic, which led us to compare the major obstacles encountered in the respective locales.
Here: Too damned many people trying to go the same place at the same time on the same road.
There: Occasionally meandering livestock.
Which reminded me of a story:

On a hot July day back in 2000, when I was at my first newspaper gig in my small South Georgia hometown, I was sent to take pictures of cows blocking one of the major downtown streets.
Only, the cows weren’t really blocking the street.
They were in a livestock trailer, and the truck hauling it broke down.
So, technically, the truck was blocking the street, and the cows were just along for the ride.
Anyway, it was taking a long time for the appropriate wrecker (the type that can tow a semi) to arrive.
And the cows were overheating.
So, the fire department came out.
And hosed down the cows.

I enjoy living in a city more than I enjoyed living in a small town, but I will always love small towns for exactly this sort of thing.

2 thoughts on “Hot Cows (An Anecdote Illustrating My Small Town Background)”

  1. I share your small town background — but it's also a farm country background. Once on Hwy. 26, I looked ahead to see a sow trying to herd her piglets straight across the road. I pulled up and stopped to let them get across and the piglets ran under my car, so the sow was snorting all around. I couldn't get out and help, because being raised in the rural south, I knew she might attack me. Other cars and trucks came and went from time to time, and finally she got all her babies safely gathered up and off the road. The whole process took about 20 minutes and I didn't even have NPR to listen to or a Kindle to read!!


  2. One of the questions for my county certification exam to be a 911 dispatcher was “A herd of cows broke down a fence and is blocking Route 287 near Tioga Township. Who do you call?”


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