I Am Not An Artist: Exhibit A

Due to my inherent lack of artistic ability, I have to be pretty bored before I start sketching.
Earlier this week, I had to spend an hour at someone else’s desk, with nothing to do aside from answer the phone, which rang maybe twice during the entire hour.
This happened on the same day I left my iPhone at home.
So …
My apologies.

3 thoughts on “I Am Not An Artist: Exhibit A”

  1. I tend to take notes when people are talking to me during 911 calls; the really emergent ones, of course, get directly entered into the computer-aided dispatch system and there is no writing, but if I get the people who are banging on about their dog Rusty or the fact that Captain Picard is in their kitchen with the rest of the crew, I find myself jotting notes. Maybe I need to start saving these.


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