Wordless Wednesday, Defined

I don’t intend to indulge in a lot of blog gimmicks, but I am fascinated by one: Wordless Wednesday.

Every Wednesday, I’ll post a photo without explanation.
No, this isn’t my idea. Near as I can tell, Wordless Wednesday has been floating around since at least 2008, but I was unable to turn up much history. There is a website, http://www.wordlesswednesday.com, but that appears to be just an aggregator. Also, quite a few people are doing it wrong — many post pics with titles that tell more or less exactly what’s going on, and some go so far as to include captions. *facepalm*
Anyway, whatever its origins, I like the concept. Here’s how it’ll be employed here:
  • I will use my own photos.
  • I will absolutely not use titles, captions, or tags.
  • I will try to avoid photos of obvious subjects (e.g., friends/family/cats) and photos I have posted elsewhere (i.e., Facebook).
  • Comments will be open, but I won’t answer any questions.
Here goes …

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